Why I’m running…

If you are looking for a school board member who will lead with integrity and transparency, restoring an emphasis on academics and skills, and recognizing the role of parents, I humbly ask for your vote.

I am running for School Board to serve the families of Norwalk and La Mirada who entrust their children and grandchildren to NLMUSD for a K12 education. Our children are our most precious resource. They deserve access to a vigorous academic program with adequate training in Reading, Writing, Math, History, Economics, Science and the opportunity to acquire marketable skills.

I support: Good teachers/good pay to retain our best talent; Investment in successful programs (Southeast Academy, Transitional Kindergarten, Dual Immersion, Athletics, STEM, Vocational Programs, Arts); Reversing the enrollment decline by greater responsiveness to parent concerns; Safe campuses; Mental health services; Improved test scores; Reduced class size; Elimination of wasted funds on unneeded expenses.